Compensation Calculator & Philosophy

Compensation Calculator & Philosophy

Design your bespoke pay strategy and then benchmark your entire organisation against it

🧗‍♀️ Challenges

You’re struggling with…

😕 Making sense of the data from an external salary benchmarking provider

😕 No defined salary structure for each of your roles

😕 An unstructured approach location based pay

😕 Wanting to show the salary ranges on your job adverts but too nervous to do so

😕 Understanding who is underpaid and what it will cost to make any adjustments to pay

😕 Accurately forecasting the costs (salary and equity) for future hires

😕 Communicating the ‘how’ and ‘why’ you pay what you pay i.e. you have no compensation philosophy

😕 People questioning how pay is calculated which is leading to a lack of trust in the numbers

🎯 Solution

1️⃣ Compensation Calculator

A simple, customisable spreadsheet which allows you to…

✅ Ingest data from multiple external salary benchmarking providers

✅ Set a pay strategy for each team using market percentiles and competitiveness for that role

✅ Build a location based pay strategy that aligns to your unique organisational beliefs

✅ Benchmark employees and teams at scale to uncover where pay inequities exist by level, dept., gender and race

✅ Discover what it will cost to bring employees who are underpaid to your desired market percentile and create department budgets

✅ Instantly normalise all salaries into one currency to allow for accurate budgeting

✅ Plan and run your pay review cycle using performance scores set by you

✅ Accurately forecast the costs for future hires no matter where they’re located in the world


2️⃣ Compensation Philosophy

Transparency and trust is key when it comes to compensation. The compensation philosophy is that 🔑

✅ To begin with, your compensation philosophy will help you frame and make decisions when you start pulling levers in the compensation calculator.

✅ Once you’ve crunched the numbers, you’ll be able to confidently document the how and why your organisation pays the way it does, based on your culture, values, and financials.

✅ The template isn’t all about base salary. There are placeholders for you to slot in other elements that make up your total reward offering (equity, benefits & perks, bonuses etc).


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