Feedback on the framework

Progress over perfection

Roll out April 2022

  • As with any business change or new roll-out, while we try to anticipate every question or issue, 'bugs' (a.k.a. blind spots, further things to consider), will no doubt be found. We expect this, and we value your feedback. Finding an area in our progression philosophy or execution that needs to be develop, deleted, or added, is exactly what we expect to happen, as we grow together in terms of our people and processes.
  • Done is better than perfect, and we'll only know how to evolve and improve as we start putting it into practice. As we will be kind with feedback to you, please be kind with feedback to your managers and those involved in designing this with your best interests in mind :-)
  • As a consequence, be prepared that this guide is likely to also evolve overtime.
  • In the short term, we will gather feedback/overall sentiment from managers. We will also capture feedback from teams and offer different opportunities to do this.

The Progression Working Group

  • It might sound over kill, but we have a core team of people who are responsible for:
    • Answering questions about the competency framework
    • Reviewing feedback that has been collected
    • Maintaining and coordinating changes to the competencies, and making sure they meet the language guidelines.
    • Communicating competency changes to the company


  • They will meet on a quarterly basis to discuss feedback that has been gathered and make changes where necessary.
  • If tasks are assigned to individuals then it’s on a voluntary basis, and non-critical tasks don’t have deadlines. This allows Working Group members to pick things up when it can fit around their regular work.

The Progression Working Group

  1. Betty Boop
  2. Charlie Brown
  3. Bugs Bunny
  4. Scooby-Doo
  5. Snoopy
  6. Dennis the Menace
  7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles