How we built the framework

We didn’t build this from scratch and we also made sure that it had input from all teams

  • We kicked this project off in March 2022 with the help of an external consultant (Justly) who supported us in this process.
  • Similar work has been done before by a range of technology start-ups. We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, nor did we simply copy and paste one framework and simply replace their company with ours.
  • We selected a baseline framework and then refined this over a number of sessions with focus groups to adapt and combine elements from other frameworks to create one that suits us – moving items, adding examples, iterating on wording to make it consistent, and moving towards consensus on what appropriate levels of expectation are. We worked to a few principles:
    • Skills and behaviours are cumulative across levels, but you don’t need to check off every one
    • You won’t be demonstrating every skill for your level on day one
    • We’ve deliberately kept the skills and behaviours to a core set i.e. role agnostic so they can be applied across all roles
    • The level descriptions are designed to be ambitious and help us be at our best
    • We don’t expect everyone to want to, or be able to hit every level in this framework
  • If you want to read about all the different frameworks out there, then have a look around this website www.progression.fyi.
  • This build is not a ‘one and done’, and we will be iterating on this as we use it and learn where it’s working and where it isn’t. Learn more about this here
    Feedback on the framework