How we levelled everyone for the first time

The levelling process...

Our first levelling process included the following steps:

  1. Managers used the framework to assess their teams.
  2. Managers carried out 'group calibrations' to review recommended levels across individuals and teams.
  3. Manager, People Team and Exec team sign-off on levels and addressed any question marks.

Evidence-based levelling

  • Since the framework is an 'overarching' tool and not prescriptive for every tiny task someone might do in their role/level, there will be an element of management judgment in this process. We use evidence-based levelling and calibrations to support fair assessments.
  • Employees are evaluated and levelled on the same criteria allowing for similar standards across all teams removing subjectivity, regardless of their role.
  • Additionally, managers will qualify their level selections with specific example tasks and behaviours demonstrating the level-appropriate complexity and scope.

Group Calibrations to remove bias

  • In group calibrations, people managers present back to their peers on the levels they have chosen and discuss the specific examples to back up their choice.
  • This is a form of quality control to ensure that the reasons given by a manager are valid and objective.
  • Whilst there will be variations within the levels, we want to ensure that there are commonalities between employees at a given level.
  • During this meeting, People managers within the same department have the opportunity to learn from one another on how to observe and assess a team member’s behaviour and level them.

What happens if I'm reviewed and I'm a level above what I thought?
  • You will not be downgraded a level if you rate yourself as lower than your manager. You will be considered the level at which you were evaluated in the by your manager, the People team and in the calibration process. We'll discuss this with you and ensure where you are fits with your career growth plan and the business' needs.

What happens if I'm reviewed and I'm a level below what I thought?
  • The first time we review everyone using our new framework, it's possible that a few may be below the level they thought. The framework was designed objectively and not to inhibit anyone. Each scenario will have its own unique circumstances so will be judged on its merits, but we will work with you to create a development plan in line with your goals and the business' needs to enable you to develop and progress in your career.