I'm Alistair and I'm on a mission to help organisations build trust through fair and transparent pay

Since 2010 I’ve helped build and grow high-performing teams in startups worldwide, only to hear the same feedback from candidates, employees, and colleagues time and time again. They wanted to know why they were being paid what they were paid, how their package fared against colleagues and peers in similar organisations, and why it was so difficult for employers to be open and honest about compensation.

I turned this feedback into action and have helped 70+ organisations define their approach to compensation. From San Francisco to Oman to New Zealand, I've gained invaluable experience navigating diverse cultural contexts and seen first-hand how pay transparency builds trust and fosters a workforce of loyal, engaged, and truly satisfied employees.

The topic of pay transparency might make you shift uncomfortably in your seat, but the journey towards fair and transparent pay doesn’t need to be as daunting as you think.

What’s the company name about?


After listing down my moral values, beliefs and ways of working, it was a case of finding a common theme and matching this to a word that represented all of them. No easy task.

After a few hours of wordsmithing, and a lot of dead ends I stumbled upon ‘Justly’ and instantly felt connected to a word that summed up pretty much everything I stand for.

Justly - ’Fairly, equally, honestly, accurately’. That’s my approach. No cutting corners. Everything is done through a lens of fairness, inclusivity and transparency. That’s also why you see all my pricing here 👀What I do (I’m a firm believer in putting salaries on job adverts as well).

Friends of Justly

Justly consists of just me + some awesome solo consultants that I sometimes partner with.


Based in the Netherlands, Gemma and I have been working together for a few years now and is one of my go to people when clients want support with career coaching and leadership development.

Gemma Baldock (LinkedIn)


Tamas along with Spela are the co-founders of the Equity People and my go to team with any projects requiring equity planning, fixing and benchmarking.

Tamas Varkonyi (LinkedIn)



Based in San Francisco, Bernardo is a highly skilled professional specialising in Compensation, Total Rewards, Data Analysis, Survey Design, and Competitive Analysis. He is my go-to person when clients North American domain experience.

Bernardo Luz Teixeira (LinkedIn)


Caroline is an awesome coach and another person who I regularly call upon when clients want to go beyond a simple levelling framework and build something more skills based.

Caroline Marsh (LinkedIn)

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