The Justly mission 👉 ”To help startups demystify career progression and compensation”

💥 Why this exists, and what I’m building here

👋  I'm Alistair and I've spent the last decade growing and building high-performing teams in startups across the world, in both an in-house and consultancy capacity.

More recently, I’ve helped 40+ organisations define their approach to career progression and compensation.

By working with so many different companies, I've been fortunate enough to learn about how culture and personal beliefs play into these emotive subjects. There are no hard and fast rules to follow. Everyone tackles these topics in a different way and consequently building these processes is both an art and a science (there’s a reason why there is a lot of artwork on the site ;-)

These topics can be over complicated and create a sense of dread in many people, especially salary benchmarking, however it doesn’t have to be like this. I care deeply about trying to make these seemingly complex subjects, less complex and easier to understand.

Building a compensation strategy or career progression framework can be accomplished in a very simple way.

🤩 Friends of Justly

Justly consists of just me + some awesome solo consultants that I partner with.


Based in the Netherlands, Gemma and I have been working together for a few years now and is the mastermind behind many of career progression frameworks we’ve helped companies build.

Gemma Baldock (LinkedIn)


Caroline is a powerhouse when it comes to Discovery work, understanding the challenges you face. Mostly recently we partnered on Abacum (US/Spanish) and with Caroline being based in Barcelona, this helped a lot!

Caroline Marsh (LinkedIn)

🤔 What’s the company name about?


After listing down my moral values, beliefs and ways of working, it was a case of finding a common theme and matching this to a word that represented all of them. No easy task. After a few hours of wordsmithing, and a lot of dead ends I stumbled upon ‘Justly’ and knew instantly that this summed up pretty much everything I stand for in one word.

’Fairly, equally, honestly, accurately’. That’s my approach. No cutting corners. Everything is done through a lens of fairness, inclusivity and transparency. That’s also why you see all my pricing here

(FWIW, I’m a firm believer in putting salaries on job adverts as well).

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