What I do

What I do

I help organisations build trust through fair and transparent pay

The challenge

Pay transparency fosters a workforce of loyal, engaged, and truly satisfied employees, however compensation is often shrouded in secrecy. A black box of subjective assessments and random figures that are difficult to verify which leads to significant frustration, confusion, and a lack of trust in the process.

Does of the following sound familiar?

“We want to show salary bands on job adverts but don’t know where to start”

“We’re starting to hire in new locations and don’t know what to pay”

“We want to reward our top performers but don’t have salary bands”

Our employees don’t think we pay fairly. I think we do!”

“We’ve signed up to a few salary providers and don’t know which one to use”

“We don’t have a compensation philosophy and desperately need one”

“The finance team are struggling to accurately forecast the costs for future hires”

The solution

I've simplified the traditionally complex process of salary benchmarking into an easy-to-follow guide, supported by a fully customisable compensation calculator. Over 70 global organisations, from New Zealand to San Francisco and Oman, have used it to make pay transparency a reality by:

✅  Establishing salary bands

✅  Developing a compensation philosophy that suits their unique needs

✅  Conducting thorough and rigorous audits to ensure pay equity


Typical running order of a project

Step 1: Project set up & discovery

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  • A review of any content that has been put together to date on compensation, including info performance management, career development and promotions.
  • Run a 1hr session to deep dive into the content and discuss the next steps for the build.
  • Define who will be involved in the project and the part they will play. We want to make sure the salary benchmarking exercise and the building of the compensation philosophy is inclusive.

Step 2 - Choose a relevant and reliable data source

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  • If you’ve not signed up to any data sources, then we’ll walk through the options based on your roles and locations to find a source best for you. It’s worth noting that I’m data agnostic when it comes to salary benchmarking providers and I’m not financially motivated to promote a particular source.
  • It’s not all about salary benchmarking providers. We’ll also look at other ways to crowdsource data to build a data set that’s right for you.

Step 3 - Levelling and job family mapping

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In any salary benchmarking exercise you need to map employees to the right benchmarks in an objective manner. We’ll use a ‘common language’ of levels and job families to do this.

  • Once we defined your job architecture, we’ll need to level all of the roles and employees in your organisation.
  • We’ll use a levelling framework to do this. I’ve collated the most common levelling frameworks here.

Step 4: Define your compensation philosophy and build your salary bands

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This is all about communicating the how and why your company pays the way it does, based on your company’s culture, values, and financials.

We’ll dive into:

  • How location affects pay.
  • Defining when pay reviews will happen and what the process will look like.
  • Defining how transparent you wish to be based on a spectrum (it’s not all about posting everyone's salaries online).
  • How base pay compliments all of the other elements that make up your total reward offering (equity, benefits & perks, bonuses, intrinsic motivators etc).

Salary band creation

Once we have our data we’ll create salary bands for each job family and role, defining the market rate, how wide they need to be and how much overlap you want (if any) between levels, so you’ll end up with something that looks like this for all you job families


Step 5: Analyse your market position

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The compensation calculator will allow you to:

  • Uncover where pay inequities exist by level, dept., gender and race and therefore identify potential attrition risk before it’s too late.
  • image
  • Discover what it will cost to bring employees who are underpaid to your desired market percentile and create department budgets where required.
  • Accurately forecast the costs for future hires.

Step 6: Educate & launch

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I’ll work with you to define how to launch the comp philosophy and everything that goes with it, especially the tricky conversations that go hand in hand with introducing levels for the first time.

Manager training: We’ll make sure all your people managers are confident when it comes to talking about pay. We’ll dive into answering the following questions + more:

  • “I don’t feel I’m being paid fairly and I would like a pay rise”
  • “Why was Alice levelled as IC2 and I am IC1? We are doing the same work”
  • “Hooli have approached me and offered me £5,000 more than what I’m earning here”
  • “I have a candidate wanting a salary that exceeds what we’re paying our current team. Can we go outside of our current salary bands?

Key deliverables

You will have two core deliverables at the end of the project.

1. Compensation Calculator

2. Compensation Philosophy

How I work

I’m committed to practising what I preach, so here’s what you can expect from working with me.


You’ll be working with just me. I’m purposely building a one person business.

Where I work

I'm based just outside of London in the UK, but my work spans the globe, collaborating with clients from the UK and Europe, to New Zealand and San Francisco. I'm flexible and will adapt my schedule to accommodate clients in different time zones.

A typical week during the project will look like

A standing weekly 1hr call that we use to brainstorm on a particular topic.

Async catch ups over Slack or email.

2-3 hrs making customisations to the comp calculator or comp philosophy.



I operate on a time-based model, tracking time to provide a clear record of where it’s spent.

The number of days required can fluctuate depending on the size of your organisation and the systems already in place. After initial discussions, I'll be able to provide a more precise estimate.

Justly Materials

✅ Compensation calculator ✅ Compensation philosophy ✅ Levelling framework ✅ 2 x Manager training decks ✅ A ton of comms materials ✅ Project plan and decisions

Project duration
2 months (quickest project to date is 2 weeks 🎽 )
My time
5-8 days (£950 per day)
Justly Materials
£5,000 (fixed price)
Total Cost
£9,750 - £12,600 (excl. VAT)

Out of scope

Redesigning or building any performance and progression processes

While progression and performance are intrinsically related to compensation, the scope of work will not involve re-designing or building these processes from scratch.

We’ll discuss how pay is linked to them and make sure any work we do can be easily integrated with them in the future.

Benchmarking variable pay

We’ll look at the numbers that come out of any external data source, however the calculator won't benchmark against against variable compensation.

Custom work can be quoted on this topic once the project has been kicked off.

Anything to do with equity

I’ve learnt that every organisation approaches equity differently, which makes it incredibly difficult to build a one size fits all model for benchmark purposes. The data from the benchmarking providers can also be rather inconsistent.

If you wish to dive into equity then please let me know and I’ll introduce you to the https://www.equitypeople.co/ who I partner with on these projects.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer discounts?
  • 15% discount is available for charities, non-profits and registered B Corps.
  • 15% discount for companies who use Charlie HR.
I’m not ready to commit to a big project. Can you still help me?
  • Yes. Head over to my templates page and find one that helps you fit your immediate needs. We can then work on an hourly rate should you need support using a template.
I’m not sure how transparent I want to be about pay. Should I still work with you?

Of course. While I’m a huge advocate of pay transparency, I understand that it’s a journey and not one that can be rushed. We’ll work together to get you moving in the right direction. Pay transparency isn’t about revealing everyone's salaries. It's about demonstrating to employees the reasoning and methodology behind their pay.

Do I own the compensation calculator and other materials?

Yes. All the materials shared with you are yours to edit and keep.

Can you help me refresh my salary benchmarks?

Yes. I help clients refresh their benchmarks every 6-12 months i.e. during performance reviews or annual market movement assessments.

  1. Upgrade your Justly compensation calculator to the latest version.
  2. Migrate employee information from your existing calculator to the new one.
  3. Make any custom changes required based on previous work.
  4. Upload and refresh the external benchmarks.
  5. Give you a quick demo of any new features.

Cost = £1,250

This cost can vary depending on the number of salary benchmarking sources you wish to use and complexity of any custom work.

Do you provide the external salary data?

No. Costs for salary data from providers such as Radford, Mercer, Figures, Pave etc are not included.

We’ll talk about which data set is right for you during our initial calls, and if you need to purchase data then you’ll need to arrange this contract separately with the vendor.

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