What I do

What I do

I help organisations build trust through fair and transparent pay

The challenge

Pay transparency fosters a workforce of loyal and engaged employees, however compensation is often shrouded in secrecy. A black box of subjective assessments and random figures that are difficult to verify which leads to frustration, confusion, and a lack of trust.

Navigating this terrain is further complicated by a maze of global transparency laws, adding layers of complexity to the journey towards openness.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

“How can I get a pay rise?”

“How are our salary benchmarks calculated?”

“Why is X making more than me when we’re doing the same job?”

“Why don’t we display salary bands on job adverts?”

“Why do we pay higher salaries in location A vs location B?”

“What factors influence our salary increases?”

“How often are our salary benchmarks updated?”

The solution

I've simplified the traditionally complex process of salary benchmarking into an easy-to-follow guide, supported by a fully customisable compensation calculator. Over 70 global organisations, from the UK to New Zealand, San Francisco and Oman, have used it to start their journey towards pay transparency by:

✅  Selecting relevant and reliable data sources

✅  Introducing job architecture

✅  Developing a compensation philosophy that suits their unique needs

✅  Establishing salary bands

✅  Conducting thorough and rigorous audits to close any pay gaps

✅  Educating their team about pay


Typical running order of a project

Step 1: Project set up & discovery

Starting the project on the right foot
More details

Step 2 - Market Data

Choosing relevant and reliable data to compare yourself against
More details

Step 3 - Job Architecture & Levelling

Introducing a ‘common language’, aka ‘job architecture’ so you can map your teams objectively back to the market and compare ‘apples to apples’
More details

Step 4: Compensation Philosophy & Salary bands

Define your North star for making comp decisions and build your salary bands based on these principles
More details

Step 5: Analyse market position and pay equity

With your comp philosophy and salary bands in place we can analyse whether you have pay equity across the organisation and identify where any potential gaps may exist and fix them
More details

Step 6: Educate & launch

Arguably one of the most important steps is to make sure managers and employees across the organisation understands how pay is calculated
More details
Hungry for more details about the 6 step process?

Key deliverables

1. Compensation Calculator

2. Compensation Philosophy

How I work

I’m committed to practising what I preach, so here’s what you can expect from working with me.


You’ll be working with just me. I’m purposely building a one person business.

Where I work

I'm based just outside of London in the UK, but my work spans the globe, collaborating with clients from the UK and Europe, to New Zealand and San Francisco.

A typical week during the project

Weekly meeting

  • We’ll have a standing weekly one-hour call for brainstorming on a specific topic.
  • I’ll send out an agenda 24 hours in advance, outlining discussion points.

Async work

  • Async catch ups over email or Slack.
  • I also use Loom to share updates. This is particularly useful when explaining modifications made to the compensation calculator.


Project duration
6-8 weeks
My Time
5-8 days (£950 per day)
Justly Materials
£5,000 (fixed price)
Total Cost
£9,750 - £12,600 (excl. VAT @20%) Organisations registered outside the UK are not subject to VAT charges
My Time

I operate on a time-based model, tracking time to provide a clear record of where I spend it.

The number of days estimated above is for a company who has nothing in place. After initial discussions, I'll be able to provide a more precise estimate.

Justly Materials

✅ Compensation calculator ✅ Compensation philosophy ✅ Levelling framework ✅ 2 x Manager training decks ✅ A ton of comms materials ✅ Project plan and decisions

❌ Salary data sets - The price for salary data from providers such as Radford, Mercer, Figures, Pave, and Ravio is not included, so you’ll need to set aside an annual budget for this. Annual costs for these can range from FREE to £10k depending on your location.

Out of scope

Redesigning or building any performance and progression processes
Redesigning or building any variable pay processes
Anything to do with equity
Writing or rewriting your job descriptions


We’re only small, do we really need to do we really need to implement a compensation system now?
I'm uncertain about how transparent I should be regarding pay. Should I still work with you?
I have some unique roles that I can’t find any benchmarks for. Can you help?
I want to become transparent about pay but I’m worried that competitors will view our salary bands. Help?
How long does a typical project take?
What factors affect your estimated days?
How much time will I need to put aside for this project?
I’m not ready to commit to a big project. Can you still help me?
Do you offer discounts?
Do I own the compensation calculator and other materials?
Can you help me refresh my salary benchmarks?

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